Our Services

Individual Counseling

Many of us would like to talk to a psychologist but never make the move. There is something that keeps us from actually picking up the phone and making that call.

With the psychologists and counselors of Pastoral Counseling and Consultation Center, there are options right here in the Greater Washington DC area. We offer individual and group therapy in a wide range of topics

Family Counseling

Are you looking for a transformative family counseling experience? Would you like to talk with a truly competent family counselor? Our family counseling center has helped families for over 40 years find their way back to wholeness. If you need a skilled family counselor, we can help you, too.

The distinguished staff at PC & CC has the qualifications, training, and focus that can reconnect your family.

Relationship Counseling

Have you found the relationship you once had is now painful and confusing? You are not alone. Being in an intimate, committed relationship is one the hardest things any of us will ever do. Here in Washington DC, couples face the pressures of a busy lifestyle, large city living, and other events that can bring out a couple’s differences.

Take heart! There is a ton of hope. Our dedicated counseling staff can help you bring it back.