How do I know you can help me with my concerns?

Our staff are trained to work with a wide variety of issues and concerns including individual, marital, family and work related issues. When you call, care will be taken to select the therapist who best meets your needs. Finding the right therapist for you is our priority. When we speak with you we will ask about your preferences and make recommendations that will suit your needs and schedule.

How many sessions will it take for me in individual counseling?

The length of time in counseling varies depending on your needs and concerns. While some issues may require a longer or shorter time in counseling, our goal is your welfare and well being.

How long will it take for marriage or couples counseling?

To create a reconnecting foundation and develop skills that can create more safety, we strongly recommend 10-12 sessions. As soon as possible during the course of your sessions we will encourage you to attend one of our “Getting the Love You Want” couples workshops. We find that this workshop reduces the number of counseling sessions you will need. This workshop is equivalent to 6 months of couple’s therapy and for some couples the workshop alone is enough.

If I want to do marriage counseling, what do I do if my partner won’t come?

Most partners want to improve their relationship when there has been conflict or a rupture in the relationship, but they also want to feel safe and not blamed for all the problems in the relationship. When you call us we will coach you through how to invite your partner safely. 202-449-3789 x719

What if we are already separated and headed for divorce?

Many come to counseling or the “Getting the Love You Want” Workshop even at this point, because they have heard how effective Imago Relationship Therapy can be and how critical it is to get the best help possible before making this decision. All couples, regardless of issues in their relationship, will benefit from a deeper understanding of what has happened in their relationship, their contribution to the difficulties, and how to not repeat these painful patterns. Not only is this critical for any couple contemplating separation or divorce, but we think this is essential when children are involved.

What makes a pastoral counseling agency “pastoral”?

When the popularity of the pastoral counseling movement increased in the 1960s, the counselors who worked at pastoral counseling agencies were ordained clergy who wanted to take the art of care and counseling one step out of the traditional medical model. Today pastoral counseling centers are multidisciplinary, inter-faith groups with skilled counselors including psychologists, social workers, marriage and family therapists, as well as pastoral counselors. We serve all people regardless of belief. All of us on the staff, however, bring an appreciation of everyone’s spiritual or faith traditions to the healing process.

What are the costs of our services?

Our fees are based on a sliding fee scale depending on gross family income.

Will my insurance pay for this?

Most insurance companies provide some benefit for mental health services. Check with your company to find out your benefits. Insurance does not pay for coaching or spiritual direction.