PC&CC:  Helping Families

Our family counseling center has helped families for over 40 years find their way back to wholeness. If you need a skilled family counselor in Washington DC, we can help you, too.

Let’s look at some issues we see every day:

  • Your children are acting out.
  • They’re doing poorly in school.
  • Your family has suffered a major trauma.
  • You and your partner stay angry with each other.
  • What used to be a wonderful family unit now shares only pain and sorrow.

If this sounds familiar, take heart that you are not alone. What’s more, we can help you resolve each issue and get your family back on track.

Are you looking for a transformative family counseling experience? Would you like to talk with a truly competent family counselor in Washington DC? Call us at202-449-3789 x719 anytime.

The distinguished staff at PC&CC has the qualifications, training, and focus that can reconnect your family.

Family Counseling Washington DC… We Fit Your Needs

PC&CC specializes in marriage and family counseling in Washington DC – your home, and ours too. What are some of the things that set us apart? We offer you a choice of locations so we’re always nearby. We have longevity, so you can have confidence. Your schedule will be as flexible as you need.

We use the most effective counseling techniques for each family counseling situation:

  • Individual sessions
  • ‘Intensives’ for couples
  • Family groups

The Cornerstone of Family Counseling Washington DC

There is another distinguishing highlight of PC&CC family counseling in Washington DC. We are known specialists in marriage and family counseling and relationship skill-building. Our staff uses the approach of Imago Relationship Therapy to address problems in the family and restore safety and passion in relationships.

Imago Therapy blends interpersonal insights of major western psychology, behavioral sciences, and spiritual disciplines. This in turn teaches vital relationship skills and raises consciousness to a startling fresh new level.

When most families seek counseling they are experiencing a combination of anger, pain, and grief. They have lost their original sense of connection and hopefulness. They don’t know how to handle their conflicts. We want to  assure you, as we assure all the families we see, there is hope.

Contact PC&CC Family Counseling Washington DC

One of our family counselors will be glad to meet with you and start the process of safe, compassionate reconnection. Find out how we can help you. Contact PC&CC family counseling Washington DC.

Or call 202-449-3789 x719. Someone will call you back, often right away and always as soon as possible. We’ll help you discern which therapist on our staff might be the best fit for you.