Kelly Brown

Kelly Brown

Kelly D. Brown is a counselor intern who takes a caring and compassionate approach to therapy, believing that every person’s experience is unique, endeavoring to understand the depth of each client’s individual perspective, and committing to addressing their specific needs through the client-therapist relationship.

  • Faith/Spirituality. Kelly believes faith and spirituality often inform clients’ thoughts and decisions; she finds a client’s faith is frequently instrumental as a support, a tool, and a foundational groundwork from which individuals can move toward positive life change.  As a Pastoral Counseling Doctoral Student, she is equipped to engage a client’s faith perspective and belief system as parts of the therapeutic experience.
  • Establishing and Meeting Personal Goals.  Trained in the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) model, Kelly can assist clients with setting personal goals for themselves and working to develop new habits, while overcoming existing negative automatic thoughts and responses.  She walks alongside clients as they build plans and follow steps to bring about their desired results through incremental change.
  • Difficulty in Relationships.  Kelly believes healthy human interaction is a basic need for all of us, but that individuals often falter because they lack the skills to relate to one another; they must learn to engage each relationship in a mutually satisfying manner.  Kelly is experienced in Family Therapy, and knows that dynamics at home can be primary sources of conflict in an individual’s life. Whether they be personal, family, business, or community relationships, individuals can find relief from the stresses of misunderstanding, pain and inadequate communication with others.
  • Couples.  Kelly has a heart for marriages, especially those in which both partners have the desire to make their relationship work, but cannot seem to overcome the seemingly relentless barriers to relationship success.   Viewing relationships as evolving, living entities, she will journey with couples through the challenges that marriages naturally encounter to help them arrive at a reciprocal understanding, greater respect, and more robust love for one another.   Through the Imago Center, Kelly is pursuing training and certification in Imago Relationship Therapy.
  • Overcoming Anxiety and Depression. Kelly is experienced with clients who suffer from anxiety and depression, as well as other presenting symptoms which preclude healthy functioning in the predominant dimensions of life.  She uses CBT modalities to treat clients’ anxious and/or depressive symptoms.
  • Anger Management.  Kelly has co-facilitated an anger management group and through a model of increasing self-awareness, individual empowerment, and personal accountability, she has assisted people by providing them with tools to manage unhealthy responses to angering triggers and influences.

Previous to her work with the PC & CC, Kelly worked at The Pines Residential Treatment Facility for adolescents in Virginia, and more recently at Greenbelt CARES, a community-based center in Maryland, as part of a family oriented multi-disciplinary counseling team.  Kelly is currently pursuing an MS/PhD in Pastoral Counseling from Loyola University Maryland.  Previous to that, she earned Master’s Degrees in Health Services Administration and Human Resources Development from Webster University, and a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology from The College of William and Mary.  She has an extensive background in Healthcare Administration, and nearly 20 years of work experience with several government agencies including the military, managing programs and resources; the bulk of that experience has been in the areas of medical services, budget, personnel management, procurement and contracting, and in public health programs.

Kelly and her husband of 12 years live in Maryland with their two young children.

Office: Takoma Park
Phone Number: (202) 449-3789 x706
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