Through The Imago Center of Washington DC, The PC & CC offers relationship counseling for those about to become married and those already married.

Premarital Workshop – Start Right, Stay Connected

The Ceremony is just the beginning…

Our Premarital Workshop Start Right, Stay Connected is a pro-active way to start a life-long commitment consciously and lay the groundwork for happy and fulfilling years ahead.

Our premarital counseling seminar is designed for both heterosexual and same-sex couples considering or in the process of making a life commitment to each other, or newly married.  Imago professionals will educate couples who participate in this one-day seminar about:

  • Relationship stages – from romantic love to the power struggle to vintage love and the conscious relationship
  • Questions to ask before getting engaged or saying “I do”
  • Creating a relationship vision
  • Using the Imago Dialogue to stay connected
  • The value of appreciations and maintaining positive daily interactions
  • Follow-up resources for continued connection

Benefits of Our Premarital Workshop

  • One day format to maximize your time investment
  • Workshop focuses on relationship skills and topics of greatest interest to couples
  • Enjoy the company of other couples but maintain privacy – all exercises are done independently
  • Fun and interactive way to fulfill premarital counseling requirements for your ceremony

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Couples Workshop – Getting The Love You Want

Getting The Love You Want Workshops are designed to help couples reconnect and successfully resolve conflict. Getting The Love You Want is based on tested Imago counseling strategies that enable partners to discover mutual communication for every aspect of your relationship and strengthen bonds over time. The workshop addresses mental, emotional and physical needs and striking a long-lasting balance between you and your loved one.

As your relationship progresses, conflict, disagreements and power struggles result from obstacles in both your lives. Getting The Love You Want helps you and your partner approach these obstacles together with positivity, effective communication and acceptance. Couples in any stage of their relationship—married, engaged or dating—all can rediscover their partner and renew romance, commitment and appreciation. Getting The Love You Want is an especially helpful for strategy for married couples, as well as premarital counseling and couples counseling.

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